Saturday, September 25, 2010

Upgraded website -

Dear friends and colleagues,

My website, (also at has now been upgraded. I invite you to visit – and will be happy to receive any comment you may have.

You will find details about my books, contents, reviews and excerpts.

One of the features is open ends, with access to excerpts from books, book chapters, published papers and journal articles. Most of the material can be accessed directly from the page, while some of it requires login.


At et ceteri (from Latin: 'and others'), you will find announcements of organizations, lectures, et cetera, pertaining to psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, such as the Jungian program scheduled to open at Bar Ilan University, and the upcoming exhibition of Jung's Red Book in Zurich, et cetera. I believe that much, perhaps most value, and great treasures, are to be found with the other(s).

Another feature is town square, a place where you can look at the stuff others bring to the city square, and you can bring your own paraphernalia. You are invited to stroll around like a flâneur on an Italian passeggiata - as Lewis Mumford has said, "What is a City? - Above all else a theater of social action.”
You may want to share something about yourself, your activities, picture/s or poem/s, to present a thought, tell a story or call attention to a cause of concern. You can also link to your blog or website, if you would like.
The place is open for development, so feel free to contact:

Additionally, at re: sources, you'll find an expanding treasure chamber of links to valuable online resources. For purposes of clarification, brief descriptions of the sources will eventually appear next to the links.

All the above features are in their initial states of development – suggestions are welcome!

Many of you have been very generous in sharing comments and thoughts, reading what I write and attending my lectures, for which I am grateful. I do hope that my website, together with my blog (; to which you can subscribe, if you are interested), will further the open and ongoing dialogue between us.

In gratitude and friendship,

Erel Shalit

Requiem: A Tale of Exile and Return is on sale now for $14.95, and Enemy, Cripple, Beggar is on sale now for $17.95 or $30.00 for the pair when ordered directly from the Fisher King Press Online Bookstore. You can also order The Hero and His Shadow: Psychopolitcal Aspects of Myth and Reality in Israel directly from Fisher King Press.

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