Saturday, January 21, 2012

Free eBook

Spring by Benjamin Shiff, whose wonderful painting Life appears on the cover of The Cycle of Life. See more of his paintings here, and at Benjamin Shiff Studio.

1. Receive a free pdf ebook edition of Requiem when you update your profile or register for my free newsletter. 

2. Depth Psychology Alliance Book Club for February – Cycle of Life During the month of February, I have the privilege of discussing my newest book The Cycle of Life – Themes and Tales of the Journey at the DPA Book Club. read more...

3. Bonnie Bright interviews Erel Shalit  Listen to or watch an interview on the theme of the cycle of life.

4. New edition of The Hero and His Shadow, now available in a variety of eBook editions as well  as a new printed version with a substantially lower price, thanks to Fisher King Press.

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