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A Dramatic Reading of the Jung Neumann Letters

Official launch of
The Jung-Neumann Letters
An International Conference in Celebration of a Creative Relationship

Kibbutz Shefayim, April 24-26, 2015, Conference Website Trailer

You are invited to 
A dramatic reading of The Jung Neumann Letters
with Dariane Pictet giving Voice to the Feminine 

Following the success of previous performances,
Dariane, John, Paul and Murray
will, in a unique performance, read selections from the Jung Neumann Letters 

Narrator: Murray Stein

Paul Brutsche as Jung

John Hill as Neumann


Dariane Pictet
Where: Kibbutz Shefayim Auditorium

When: April 25, 2015, at 19:30

Murray Stein, Ph.D. was president of the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) from 2001 to 2004 and President of The International School of Analytical Psychology in Zurich (ISAP-Zurich) from 2008-2012. He is the author of Minding the Self and of many other books and articles on Analytical Psychology and Jungian Psychoanalysis. He lives in Switzerland and is a training and supervising analyst with ISAP-Zurich. Website:

John Hill, MA, received his degrees in philosophy at the University of Dublin and the Catholic University of America. He trained at the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich, has practiced as a Jungian analyst since 1973, and is a Training Analyst at ISAPZürich. His publications include: The Association Experiment, Celtic Myth, James Joyce, Dreams and Christian Mysticism. He has recently published his first book: At Home in the World: Sounds and Symmetries of Belonging.

Paul Brutsche was born in 1943 in Basel Switzerland. He studied philosophy and psychology, and received his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Zurich. He is a former President of the Swiss Society of Analytical Psychology, of the C.G.Jung Institute Zürich and of ISAPZURICH. He has lectured in Switzerland and abroad on picture interpretation, symbolism in art and questions of creativity.

Dariane Pictet has a degree in Comparative Religion from Columbia University. She trained in Analytical Psychology at the CG Jung Institute, Zurich and in Existential Psychotherapy at Regents College, London. She is a Training Analyst at the ISAPZurich, at IGAP and GAP in London. Publications include: Rumi: Poet of the Heart. Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Creation and Destruction. Compassion in Buddhism. An Exploration Of Silence in Christian Mysticism, in the Jungian Odyssey Series.

Don’t miss this historical event!

Analytical Psychology in Exile: 
The Correspondence of C.G. Jung and Erich Neumann,
edited and with an introduction by Martin Liebscher,
will be published in the Philemon Series by Princeton University Press.

Conference attendees will be the very first to purchase and receive copies of the Correspondence,
at a special, large discount by Princeton University Press.

The Jung Neumann Letters Conference
International Advisory Board

Erel Shalit • Murray Stein • Batya Brosh • John Beebe • Riccardo Bernardini
Jerome Bernstein • Ann Casement • Angela Connolly • Tom Kirsch • Patricia Michan
Joerg Rasche • Nancy Swift Furlotti • Luigi Zoja • Liliana Wahba

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