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The Jung-Neumann Conference, April 24-26

The Jung-Neumann Letters
An International Conference in Celebration of a Creative Relationship

Kibbutz Shefayim, April 24-26, 2015, Conference Website Trailer
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More than 250 attendees from 25 countries will take part in the Jung-Neumann Conference at Kibbutz Shefayim, north of Tel Aviv, April 24-26.

A year (or more) of preparations are now in their final stages, lecturers have prepared very interesting talks, rehearsals for Saturday night's performance are under way. Soon suitcases are being packed, posters put up, rooms inspected, and many are in the midst of reading the letters. 

The spirit of Jung and Neumann will be present in what arises from the springs of their creativity, and the depth of their reflections.

In December 1951, Neumann writes, "If one loves people beyond their qualities, how could God’s love, which is also supposed to exist beyond his qualities, become conscious in any other way than by God seeming terrible? … how could it be accomplished in any other way than with the help from Satan?" 

And a month later, Jung responds, "God himself is a contradictio in adjecto, therefore he requires the human being in order to become whole. Sophia is always one step ahead, the demiurge always one step behind. God is an affliction that man should cure."

And on it goes, in a dialogue that we shall take part in, and possibly carry onwards.

For the exciting program, see the conference website. We are looking forward to greeting you at Shefayim!

Erel Shalit

 The Conference is sponsored by
The Swiss Embassy in Israel
Princeton University Press

Digital Fusion

The Philemon Foundation
Israel Institute of Analytical Psychology
International Association of Analytical Psychology
together with the Jung Foundation and the Neumann Heirs

The Jung Neumann Letters Conference
International Advisory Board
Erel Shalit • Murray Stein • Batya Brosh • John Beebe • Riccardo Bernardini
Jerome Bernstein • Ann Casement • Angela Connolly • Tom Kirsch • Patricia Michan
Joerg Rasche • Nancy Swift Furlotti • Luigi Zoja • Liliana Wahba

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