Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Jung Neumann Conference - A Contribution

The Jung-Neumann Conference
A Celebration of a Creative Relationship

Kibbutz Shefayim, April 24-26, 2015, Trailer FaceBook

When we started planning the Jung Neumann Conference, which took place now half a year ago, we could not know how well it would turn out.

The challenge began in 2012, when as representative of the Erich Neumann Heirs, I signed the agreement to publish the correspondence between Jung and Neumann, together with the Stiftung der Werke von C.G. Jung, and the Philemon Foundation.

After signing, Jung's grandson, Mr. Ulrich Hoerni suggested we launch the book, and hold a conference in Israel.

To fulfill this in the spirit of Jung's and Neumann's writings on the psyche in the world, on evil, ethics, and the shadow, we decided that if there were to be any profit from the conference, we would donate this.

As it turned out, we did make a small profit, and decided to contribute to two organizations:

The Way to Recovery, which brings Palestinian children and adults to treatment in Israeli hospitals. You can read about the organization and its founder, Yuval Roth, here, and on their website.

Amalia, of Road to Recovery

The other organization, Hosen (Resilience), is located in the small town of Sderot, which has suffered thousands of missile attacks from Hamas-controlled Gaza. The organization works with post-trauma, from which many, perhaps most, in the town suffer. It is impressive how this town manages to keep life going, care for the appearance and infra-structure, as well as the psyche of its citizens.

Hilla Barzilai, director of Hosen/Resilience

While Erich Neumann did not work directly with children, after the Holocaust he was acutely aware of the need to treat children. He thus supervised child analysts in the treatment of children coming to Israel from the devastation in Europe.

While sadly there is a need for these organizations, we are pleased to have devoted a small sum of money, and much of our soul and heart, to the important causes that they serve.

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