Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Paintings from the Psyche - Jung and Neumann

At this weekend's Jung Neumann Symposium, June 24-26 at Pacifica, Nancy Furlotti will present 

Paintings from the Psyche

Jung's Red Book

Active imagination was the technique C. G. Jung developed to amplify images from his dreams and visions. It allowed him to delve deeper into the mythical and collective layers of human imagination to more specifically understand what the psyche was trying to communicate. 
He used this extensively while on his own inner journey, described in The Red Book, and encouraged his patients and colleagues to do so, as well. 

Painting by Erich Neumann

Erich Neumann was one of Jung’s foremost disciples. After commencing analytical work with Jung, he kept a dream journal and began using active imagination on his own dream images. Somewhat later he, too, began to paint these images creating a long series, much like those in Jung’s Red Book. The comparison between the two sets of paintings is striking in both their differences and similarities. We will explore a full image series from each one as a way of gleaning a deeper understanding of the psychic processes of these two prominent analysts and good friends.

Painting by Erich Neumann

The paintings by Erich Neumann have previously only been shown at the Jung Neumann Conference, kibbutz Shefayim, April 2015. This is a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the inner world and psyche of Jung and Neumann.

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Unknown said...

Dear Erel Shalit,
I am really fascinated by your symposium and would have loved to be present.However since I live in India and cannot afford the travel and other costs may I humbly request you to take your symposium online and stream the proceedings. It would be of great value to scholars and interested persons like myself who are unable to make it to California.
Thank you,
Yours sincerely,
Jamshed Khambata

Erel Shalit said...

Dear Jamshed Khambata,
thank you for your interest in the symposium!Unfortunately there won't be any live streaming, though some of the conference will be audio recorded.
Some of the lectures, together with lectures delivered at the Jung Neumann Conference in Israel a year ago, will be published in the forthcoming volume 'Turbulent Times, Creative Minds: Erich Neumann and C.G. Jung in Relationship', co-edited by Murray stein and myself. The book should be ready by August.
Erel Shalit