Sunday, June 12, 2016

Publication of Polish edition of "The Cycle of Life"

Adam Kosciuk and Karol Nieweglowski write:

We are planning to translate and publish the book „The Cycle of Life“ by Erel Shalit.
„The Cycle of Life“ is the book for people who are willing to look at life from wider perspective, pursuing an answer for questions such as: where am I in my life? how did I get here? what is the meaning of this stage of life in the context of my whole history? what are its chal­lenges, chances and dangers? towards where am I heading?

It will be published by Eneteia Publishing House and the copyrights will be funded by Polish Association for Analytical Psychology.

We still need to finance the English-Polish translation, which will be made by us (that is: by Adam Kościuk and Karol Niewęgłowski - you can find more information about us, in Polish, here:

Translating a book is long and demanding work for which we did not find any sponsor, therefore we have decided to organize this crowdfunding campaign.

The book will be published in autumn 2016.

Watch the beautiful video clips (here) with narrative in English prepared by the translators, and do consider participating in the crowd funding. You can choose between receiving a copy of the book in either Polish or English.

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