Sunday, August 20, 2017

When Bibi's bubble bursts

PM. Netanyahu, leader of the most extreme and anti-democratic government that has ever ruled in Israel, has declared that he is no longer Prime Minister of the entire population, inciting against the left, the media, Arabs, and whoever does not directly swear allegiance to him.
The police was ordered on August 19 to prevent the demonstrations against his corruption, carried out hundreds of meters from the home of the Attorney General, and the arrest of leaders of the manifestation. 
One of the reasons given by the police was "undue pressure" on the AG. 
The AG is a political appointee, by Netanyahu, and not a civil servant in the Department of Justice. He has severely delayed the corruption investigations against Netanyahu, a great many of whose government ministers and advisers have been tried and judged or are under investigation for a variety of crimes, many of them on charges of corruption.
It is not the task of the police to determine if demonstrators exert due or undue pressure.

The photo above is from a demonstration against the policies of Yitzhak Rabin, in 1995, where Netanyahu marches in front of a 'coffin' that bears Rabin's name.
The inflamed atmosphere, of which Netanyahu as then leader of the opposition was partly responsible, led up to Rabin's assassination.
Netanyahu should be tried for this, as well as his present incitement and the crimes presently under investigation. The fact that 22 years have passed should at least not make us forget.

When Bibi's bubble bursts, and it will, sooner rather than later, the extreme right in Israel will have a harsh awakening. The more moderate right, which has collaborated by silence and participation, will have a shameful awakening that fascism can take grip of any society, if the watchdogs are not constantly on the alert.

The Hero and His Shadow 
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Chapter 1    Return to the Source               
Chapter 2    From My Notebook             
Chapter 3    From Dream to Reality             
Chapter 4    Origins and Myths             
Chapter 5    From Redemption to Shadow         
Chapter 6    Wholeness Apart               
Chapter 7    Myth, Shadow and Projection      
Chapter 8    A Crack in the Mask          
Chapter 9    The Death of the Mythical and the Voice of the Soul

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Dedication of The Hero and His Shadow

I dedicate this book to those, all too many, whose voices were silenced by man’s evil.
   I dedicate it to those, all too few, who raise their voice against fascism, who speak up in the struggle for peace and reconciliation, especially between Palestinians and Israelis, incessantly on the verge of yet another cycle of violence and hostilities.
   I dedicate it to those who try to hold the vulnerable balance in that ultimate conflict of Abraham between Father and Son, divine and human, idea and implementation, past and future, ego and self.
   I dedicate this book to the daughters and the sons whose future is endangered.

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