Saturday, September 16, 2017

On Kafka's short story The Next Village

“The art of life is the most distinguished and rarest of all the arts.” 
C.G. Jung

Kafka's short story The Next Village illustrates two aspects of the cycle, or the stages, of life - the experience and the memory.

I am grateful to Adam Kościuk and Karol Domański who have prepared and edited this video, as always in the most wonderful way. (The video can also be watched with Polish subtitles here).

Topics explored in the book The Cycle of Life include:

 I. The Journey
Stages and Seasons
 Jung’s Stages of Life
 All the World’s a Stage, and a Stage of Life
 Being on the Way—A Way of Being
Hermes and the Journey: Being on the Way
The Crossroads

II. The Child
The Child in the Mirror
 Psychotherapy and Childhood
 The Divine Child
 From Divine to Human
 Eros, Psyche and Pleasure

III. The Puer and the Puella
 Between Shame and Fear
 Wine, Spirit and Fire
 Prometheus—the Thoughtful Thief

IV. The Adult
 King on Earth
 Boundaries of Reality
 Celestial Jerusalem—Terrestrial Jerusalem
 The King who Refuses to Die
 The Dried-up Earth
 The Limping Ego
 The Empty Shell

V. i. The Senex
V. ii. Homage to Sophocles
V. iii. The Last Chapter: Self and Meaning
 Ancestral Roots
 An Oak and an Acorn
 We Are All Beggars, Are We Not?

The Cycle of Life is available on Amazon, Fisher King Press, and other book sellers.

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